Welcome to Annual Ethics Training

NIH Employees (regular Government employees only; others see the next paragraph):

Complete the online 2020 Annual Ethics Training for Government Employees: Topics include, Prohibited Sources During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Seeking and Negotiating for Employment with Non-Federal Employers, Post Government Service Employment with Non-Federal Employers, Insider Trading, and the Supervisor’s Heightened Ethics Role. The system will track your progress and completion. If you stop before you finish, you may go back and begin at the screen you were viewing when you exited. When you finish, an annual ethics training record will automatically be created and available to your IC ethics officials. At the end of the training, you may view your certificate. If you wish, you may save the certificate file (pdf) or print the certificate.

All Others, e.g., Non-FTE Fellows, Special Volunteers, Guest Researchers, etc.

If you were asked to complete the Annual Ethics Training for Government Employees, please use this logon. You will review the same information, however, your progress and completion will not be tracked. If you exit without finishing the module, you will have to start at the beginning again.

If you have questions, contact your IC Ethics Officials.

Updated: 11/6/19