Certificates of Divestiture

A Certificate of Divestiture (CD) is a mechanism which allows an employee who must divest certain financial interests to reduce a potential tax burden.  The CD is used when you would realize a capital gain from the sale of a holding, and it permits you to defer the tax on the capital gain because you had to sell the holding due to your Government position. 

The Office of Government Ethics has prepared a one-page reference guide on Certificates of Divestiture (CD) (Program Advisory PA-16-04), a document entitled Frequently Asked Questions About Certificates of Divestiture (DAEOgram DO-99-019), and a pamphlet for employees “Smooth Sales”. 

  • OGE Certificate of Divestiture Reference Guide
    The U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE) one-page reference guide on Certificates of Divestiture (CD). This guide is designed for employees, but will also assist ethics officials in navigating the CD process.

    Program Advisory PA-16-04, dated June 3, 2016

  • OGE also produced a "pamphlet" about the Certificate of Divestiture program which is intended to printed double sided and folded to form a pamphlet for employees.

    "Smooth Sales" pamphlet  (pdf, 2 pages)

Updated: 10/31/16