Financial Disclosure

There are multiple financial disclosure requirements. The Ethics in Government Act outlines the requirements for both the forms and who must file the Public Financial Disclosure Report (OGE-278e) and the Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (OGE-450). In addition, the HHS Supplemental Financial Disclosure Requirements (5 CFR 5502) provides the details of when a covered employee must file a report of financial interests in substantially affected organizations. Below are links to information regarding financial disclosure, forms, definitions, and other helpful information. For additional questions or assistance, contact your IC's Ethics Office, either your Deputy Ethics Counselor or your Ethics Coordinator.

Resources for Managing Financial Disclosure Reporting Programs

  • Public Financial Disclosure: A Reviewer's Reference. This is a reference manual for reviewers of the OGE-278e (SF-278 until January 2011). To assist you with completing or reviewing a report, the Public Financial Disclosure Guide offers helpful instructions, illustrations of sample language, definitions, and answers to frequently asked questions in plain language. We have attempted to keep our instructions clear and concise without compromising detail and accuracy. (OGE, 2016) (pdf)

Updated: 11/14/16