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List of Substantially Affected Organizations

The list of Substantially Affected Organizations (SAOs) provides a resource for employees to identify which companies are considered "substantially affected organizations" and thus assist them in complying with DHHS regulations. The list was produced using the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) codes*.

This list is NOT ALL-INCLUSIVE and serves only as a guide. In addition, it does not contain companies that fall outside of the NAICS jurisdiction, such as those based outside North America. For assistance in researching whether a particular company should belong to this list, please contact your Deputy Ethics Counselor.

To determine if a particular company is on the list of substantially affected organizations, use the search function below. To improve search results, type the company's full name.

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Current List of SAO Companies: 99,076 Records
(Help Hlping Erth Lving Pple Social Svcs Nec541720 History
0 Base Design Llc Engineering Svcs541715 History
0cog Inc Ncmrcl Rsch Orgnztn541715 History
0dyn Security Llc Ncmrcl Rsch Orgnztn541715 History
0lat Inc Cstm Cmptr Prgmg Sv541715 History
1 2 4 Project Ncmrcl Rsch Orgnztn541720 History
1 Acquisitions Llc Industrial Supplies334510 History
1 Cell Bio Inc Commrcl Phys Rsrch541714 History
1 Federal Supply Source Inc Medical Hosp Equip339112 History
1 Source Solutions Co Llc Medical Hosp Equip333314 History
1 To 1 Communication Ncmrcl Rsch Orgnztn541720 History
1 Wiser Consumer Education Inc1 Dollar Wiser Consumer EducatScls Edctl Svcs N541720 History
1-800 Contacts Inc1-800 ContactsOphthalmic Goods339115 History
1-Stop Llc Clctng Acctng Eqpm334118 History
10-33 Foundation Ncmrcl Rsch Orgnztn541720 History
10-4 Tubular Inc Sheet Metalwork333999 History
1000 Suns Energy Llc1000 SunsSmcndctrs Rltd Dvc541715 History
10000 Years Institute Ncmrcl Rsch Orgnztn541720 History
101 Education Institute Corp Ncmrcl Rsch Orgnztn541720 History
101 Equipment Company Inc Gnrl Ind McHnry Ne333999 History
101 Research Llc Commrcl Nphys Rsrch541720 History
1010music Llc Electromdcl Eqpt334510 History
1032 Institute Ncmrcl Rsch Orgnztn541720 History
106 Group Ltd106 GroupCommrcl Nphys Rsrch541715 History
109 Design Llc Srgl Mdcl Instrmnt339112 History

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Please contact your IC's Deputy Ethics Counselor or Ethics Coordinator for assistance.