Seeking Other Employment

From the Office of Government Ethics web site

An executive branch employee may not participate in any particular Government matter that will affect the financial interests of a person or entity with whom he is seeking employment. An employee is considered to be seeking employment if --

An employee is considered no longer seeking employment if --

In some cases, an employee may be authorized by an agency official to participate in particular matters from which he would otherwise have to be disqualified due to his job search. In other cases, an agency ethics official may determine that an employee who has sought, but is no longer seeking, employment nevertheless shall be subject to a continuing period of disqualification.

If a search firm or other intermediary is involved, the employee is not disqualified unless the intermediary identifies the prospective employer to the employee.

Reference: 18 U.S.C. § 208; 5 C.F.R. §§ 2635.601-606.

See also the OGE Pamphlet: Understanding the Revolving Door: How Ethics Rules Apply to Your Job Seeking and Post-Government Employment Activities (OGE web site, available in both pdf and text format)

Updated: 3/14/17