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EMIS Help Pages

The NIH Ethics Management Information System (EMIS) is used by the NIH Ethics Community to track all ethics actions and to provide a means to report on the data.  The following EMIS instruction sheets  (pdf format) provide details for entering data for each action, instructions for creating reports, and instructions for administrative functions (not specific to an employee). Please note that some forms are entered by the employee in NEES, but data entry into EMIS is still required. These instruction sheets are being revised. If you find an error, please send a note as instructed at the bottom of this document.

Employee Forms:
Helpful Hints (General User Helps) (8/14) OGE-278 & OGE-278-T Public Financial Disclosure Report (4/14)
Entering Employee Information (4/14)

OGE-450 Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (4/14)

Advice to Employees (4/14)

HHS-717-1 Confidential Report of Financial Interests in SAOs (HHS-717-1) (4/14)

Authorization to Participate Despite Apparent Conflict ("502") (4/14)

HHS 717-1 Data Entry Update

Cooperative Research & Development Agreement (CRADA) (4/14) HHS-348 Sponsored Travel (4/14)
Ethics Agreement (6/14)

HHS-520 Outside Activity (3/14)

Official Duty Activity (Single Activity) (4/14)

HHS-520 Outside Activity Renewal (3/14)

Official Duty Activity (Blanket) (4/14)

HHS-521 Annual Report of Outside Activities (4/14)

Other Ethics Actions (4/14)

NIH-2803 Free Attendance Widely Attended Gathering Exception (WAG) (4/14)

Pre-Clearance (4/14)

NIH-2850 Referral of Noncompliant Employee (4/14)

Protocols (4/14)

NIH-2854 Award from Outside Entities to Employees (4/14)

Recusals (Disqualifications) (4/14)

NIH-2855 Honorary Degree (4/14)

Training (Annual, New Employee) (4/14)

Initial Report of SAOs (HHS-716) [Obsolete]

Waiver of Real Conflict of Interest ("208") (4/14)



Administrative Functions: Reports:
Award Review (ACD Clearance) (6/14) Creating Custom Reports(4/14)
Blanket WAG (4/14) NIH-2802 Annual Report of Referrals for Non-Compliance (4/14)
Delegation of Authority Data Entry (6/14) Special Report: Incomplete Training (No Training Record for Year) (4/14)
Foreign Entity Determination (Module pending) --
Purge Manager (2/13) --
SAO Review (6/14) --
Transfer an Employee Between ICs, with SACs (12/12) --
View Alerts Function (7/12) --

For assistance or questions regarding the instructions or using EMIS, please contact your NEO Ethics Specialist. For system problems, e.g., error messages, please submit a Help Desk Request, and indicate "Assign to OD/OIT Web Team" in the description box, followed by a detailed description of the problem.