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Annual Report of Outside Activities (HHS 521)

What:  Submitting your Annual Report of Outside Activities (HHS 521)

Why:  On February 3, 2005, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published the revised HHS Supplemental Standards of Ethical Conduct (5 CFR 5501) and the new Supplemental Financial Disclosure Requirements (5 CFR 5502). One requirement of the regulations is that HHS employees must submit an annual report of all of the outside activities in which they engaged during the previous calendar year.

Who: The regulation applies to all employees who engaged in an Outside Activity during the previous calendar year, regardless of whether the employee obtained advance approval to do so.

When:  Normally the report is due before February 28th each year.  Submit your completed report through your supervisor to your IC's Ethics Office (see "Help" below for names and office address for your Ethics Office staff.)

What Else?

Form: The HHS 521, Annual Report of Outside Activities Fillable pdf format(pdf-icon.jpg, 10 pages). form is available electronically on the NIH Ethics Program web site. It may be completed on your computer and printed. If you have Acrobat Reader version 6 or higher, you may be able to save the completed form to your computer.

Help: If you need assistance, contact your IC's Deputy Ethics Counselor or Ethics Coordinator.

Other Information:

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Updated: 2/15/13