Prior Years Ethics Training

These ethics training modules from prior years are available for historical and re-training purposes. Completing any of these modules does not suffice for the current calendar year annual ethics training. Contact your IC Ethics Officials if you have questions.

2020 Annual Ethics Training Training topics include: Prohibited sources during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Seeking and Negotiating for Employment with Non-Federal Employers, Post-Government Service Employment with Non-Federal Employers, Insider Training, and Supervisor's Heigtened Ethics Role.

2019 Annual Ethics Training Training topics include: Social Media, Hatch Act, Conflicting Financial Interests, Impartiality in Performing Official Duties, Misuse of Position, and Gifts

2018 Annual Ethics Training

2017 Annual Ethics Training

2016 Annual Ethics Training

2015 Annual Ethics Training

2014 Annual Ethics Training Training topics include:  Misuse of Position, Outside Activities, and the Hatch Act.

2013 Annual Ethics Training Training topics include: Financial Conflicts of Interest and Impartiality.

2012 Annual Ethics Training Training topics include: Seeking Employment and Post-Employment.

Updated: 10/27/2021