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Miscellaneous Topics

Completing Work from Prior Employment: Information regarding finishing work begun at your prior place of employment, but finished while working at the NIH.

Disclaimers: Information regarding which situations outside of your official duties permit you to use your official title with a disclaimer.

Acts of Self-Dealing: Prohibited Compensation from Private Foundations: The Internal Revenue Service code prohibits compensation for "acts of self-dealing" with private foundations for certain covered employees. Acts of self-dealing may include compensation for an outside activity or the cash prize associated with an award. Employees must understand the prohibition and how it affects, or does not affect, themselves. The Acts of Self Dealing: Prohibited Compensation page contains information and a link to the IRS website where users can search for the organization to determine it's status.

Gambling in the Workplace: Provides information on which activities are permitted, and the reason lottery tickets may be purchased in campus convenience stores.

NIH Policies and Procedures for Ensuring Scientific Integrity: Information regarding the policies that the NIH follows to ensure the highest degree of scientific integrity in the research we conduct and fund, including avoiding conflicts of interest for NIH scientists. (NIH web site)