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Additional SAOs Which Are Not Included on Dun & Bradstreet List

The following companies meet the definition of 'substantially affected organizations' (SAO) even though they are not identified as such on the Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) listing (see List of SAOs and description of how SAOs are identified).

If an IC Ethics Official identifies a questionable entity and suggests inclusion on the SAO list, send sufficient information about the entity, including rationale for why it should be considered an SAO, to your assigned NEO Specialist for a determination. Confirmed entities will be added to this list. If an entity has additional information available, the name is linked to the other information.

Format: Entity Name (Date added to list - Month/Year)

23andMe (ME) (12/21)

Manhattan Scientifics Inc (MHTX) (03/17)

AbbVie (3/13)

Medtronics (8/11)

Acordia Therapeutics, Inc. (6/14)

Merus Labs International (Norgine BV) (MSLI) (12/18)

Acceleron Pharma (11/18)

MilliporeSigma (formerly known as EMD Millipore) (7/19)

Affymetrix (11/06)

Mindray Medical International Ltd (7/09)

Allakos, Inc (11/18)

MST Medical Surgery Technologies, Inc. (8/13)

Anacore Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (6/14)

Nano-X Imaging Ltd. (NNOX) (4/21)

Applied DNA Sciences (APDN) (12/21)

Neogenomics, Inc. (NEO) (3/20)

argenx SE (ARGX) (5/20)

NovoCure Limited (NVCR) (6/21)

Avita Medical Limited (2/20)

ObsEva SA (OBSV) (4/20)

Baxalta, Inc (Shire Plc) (12/18)

Oncology Pharma, Inc. (ONPH) (3/22)

Bayer Aktiengesellschaft (8/19)

Pacific Biosciences (4/13)

BioLineRx (BLRX) (4/21)

Photovac (4/06)

Bio-Rad Laboratories (8/06)

Portilla Pharmaceuticals (6/14)

Bio-Reference Laboratories (3/08)

Prana Biotechnology (3/12)

Bionano Genomics, Inc. (BNGO) (4/21)

Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) (7/19)

BioNTech (BNTX) (11/21)

Propanc Biopharm, Inc. (PPCH) (11/18)

Cardinal Health (CAH) (5/16)

ProQR Therapeutics N.V. (2/15)

China Medical Technologies (2/10)

Qiagen (8/08)

CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP) (4/21)

QLT Inc, Vancouver, Canada (5/10)

DNAPrint Genomics, Inc. (5/11)

ReceptoPharm (12/18)

Elysium Therapeutics, Inc. (6/13)

Relief Therapeutics Holding SA (RLFTF) (4/21)

EssilorLuxottica (ESLOY) (8/21)

Sagent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (5/14)

Galena (GALE) Biopharma, Inc. (7/13)

Seagen, Inc. (SGEN) (6/21)

GeneDx (2/10)

Shenzhen Mindray Biomedical Electronics (7/09)

General Electric (GE) (5/12)

Smith & Nephew (8/10)

General Electric Capital (GEH) (11/18)

Surgivision (4/06)

Generex Biotechnology Crop (5/11)

Symmetry Medical (4/07)

Given Imaging (5/06)

TaiMed Biologics (12/18)

GW Pharmaceuticals (09/13)

Taysha Gene Therapies (TSHA) (1/22)

Healthpure, Inc. (05/17)

Techniplast, USA (10/07)

Hospira (4/13)

Tekla Healthcare Opportunities (7/14)

Hypermarcas S.A. (3/15)

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals (8/14)

IQVIA - formerly Quintiles IMS Holdings Inc (IVQ) (12/18)

The McConnell Group (10/07)

Illumina Inc. (6/14)

TomoTherapy (7/08)

Immunotech Laboratories (IMBB) (12/18)

Transgenomic (2/12)

InMode (INMD) (11/21)

Trinity Biotech (10/14)

Isarna Therapeutics (5/14)

Unimicro Technologies (7/08)

Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (6/09)

Viataris Inc. (VTRS) (4/21)

Lab Products, Inc (10/07)

VolitionRX (VNRX) (4/21)

Lannett Co. Inc (LCI) (12/18)

World Precision Instruments (10/07)                                               

Mahana Therapeutics (3/22)                                       

Wuxi Pharma Tech (4/14)

                                                                                                                                                                 Updated: 3/29/22

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For additional infomation, contact your IC's Deputy Ethics Counselor or Ethics Coordinator.